All the best!




I hope you are doing really well. So finally, the exam day is round the corner. I wish you all the best for the exam.
It may happen that exam is tough or it is very easy. Whatever the case may be, don’t lose your calm because if you become nervous, half the battle is lost. Even if you find the paper too tough, just understand that it is tough for all and you have to relatively perform better than the rest of the candidates. Also, if possible don’t just think about cutoffs, number of candidates selected for phase 2, etc. Just think about maximizing your score (Doing maximum number of questions with 90% accuracy).
Bear in mind that whatever the consequence of this exam would be, it is not the decision maker of your life. Rather life is much more bigger and relevant than just this mere exam.
I sincerely hope that we have helped you in whatever way possible. I will keep on updating you guys about our future endeavors as well various career opportunities.
I hope that all of us would be instrumental in contributing towards growth of India in whatever role we play.

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