Results out!


Congratulations to our students for making it to the interview stage. So far 11 people have confirmed their positive result! We are humbled… 🙂

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Wishing you luck!


Tomorrow is the first leg of your journey to become a top banker of this country. You shall face fierce competition at each level. There would be people who are better than you and there would also be people who are not so good.

I know that you have really prepared well. You have put in a huge effort to fulfill your dreams and you are all charged up. All I want to say today is, just be calm and composed in the exam. Don’t panic.

If you panic, half the battle would already be lost. I want you to understand that this is an important opportunity and you can’t waste it; just like that. So be in your best mood and attempt this exam as per your best abilities.

Some general rules would be as follows:

1) Try to gauge the difficulty level of each section. If a section is extremely tough, rest assured that it is tough for all and the cut offs would be low in that section. Just don’t waste too much time there. Try and clear the cut offs and move on.

2) Score maximization is your aim. Don’t fall in the trap of attempts maximization. Attempt only those questions in which you are reasonably comfortable.

3) Work on your strengths. Maximize your score in GA. Then maximize your score in the section of your comfort – be it quant, reasoning or verbal.

4) Bear in mind that the cutoffs would be somewhere around 90-110. So make your strategy accordingly (This is just a tentative estimate. Actual cutoffs can be different depending on the difficulty level of paper)

I have all the confidence in you that you would do great tomorrow. Wishing you all the best!!