How to prepare DERIVATIVES in FM for RBI 2017?



How many questions were asked in 2016 exam?

The RBI Grade B exam in 2016 did not have much from the Topic on Derivatives.

What is the importance of this topic this year?

But as RBI is known to spring up a surprise, there is a strong case that this year’s exam can have a good number of questions from this topic.

Is this topic difficult?
Derivatives has always been a Financial/Mathematical topic.
For people who do not have the Financial/Mathematical background, it becomes a little difficult for them to understand this topic.
How will EduTap help me?
But we at EduTap have presented this topic with a lot of examples and in a very easy language so that you would enjoy reading the topic and grasp it in one go!
What are the highlights of EduTap regarding this topic?
1. Each concept has been made easy with a lot of interesting and easy examples
2. We have added a lot of graphical representations for easy comprehension and retention
3. We have adopted a step wise approach while dealing with Numerical part. We start with very easy numericals and then slowly we move on to more tough questions
4. 30-40 High Quality MCQ’s have been provided at the end of notes.
Can I get sample lessons on this topic?
We have included a preview of this topic as part of our free lessons. It is available here:
What other courses does EduTap offer?
Check out this link:
Happy learning!

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