Regional Economic Cooperation added for RBI Grade B 2017

We have added the topic of Regional Economic Cooperation in the ECONOMICS section of ESI for RBI Grade B 2017.

The course is available at

Although RBI has not clearly defined the syllabus for this topic, we have been very liberal in our coverage and have tried to cover as many topics as possible under this heading so that you don’t have to waste your precious time reading any other source!

This topic again is not only important for ESI but also for Phase 1 GA as well as Essay topic in Phase 2 English.

We have covered it very comprehensively along the following dimensions:

  • TPP
  • RCEP
  • TTIP
  • One Belt One Road
  • Maritime Silk Route
  • CPEC
  • BCIM
  • Sagarmala
  • India EU FTA
  • Others

Facts, figures, schemes, current affairs and concepts have been integrated.

We expect to upload the remaining material by 31st March 2017 so that you get ample time to revise.

View our courses here:

Happy learning!

Wishing you all the best.

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