GROUP DISCOUNTS on RBI 2017 courses by EduTap!


RBI is a very competitive exam and the syllabus is vast. In order to cover the entire syllabus and leave no stone unturned, one tries to read from as many sources as possible, be it online or offline.

We understand your quest to read as much as possible because the exam is unpredictable. This comes at a cost because each book, each course costs you your hard earned money.

In an attempt to minimize the costs, students do share the course fee among themselves but end up struggling because only one person can log in at one time.

This practice though saves money but is not productive in the long run as you are always adjusting among yourselves to decide on the login time. No need to mention that the time which needs to be utilized in constructive study gets wasted in these unnecessary activities

EduTap brings to you Group Discounts so that you can study in groups without the need to share the Login Id.

When you buy in groups you get up to 50% discounts on the total amount and each individual would have its own login id.

So no more sharing and no more frustration but just concentration on Study

What are the Details?

  1. EduTap will be offering discount of 20%to a group of people buying in groups of 3. We will generate 3 login Id’s and each person would have one login Id
  2. EduTap will be offering discount of 35%to a group of people buying in groups of 5. We will generate 5 login Id’s and each person would have one login Id
  3. EduTap will be offering discount of 50%to a group of people buying in groups of 10. We will generate 10 login Id’s and each person would have one login Id
  4. For more than 10, Please contact us we can look on case to case basis

Terms and Conditions

Payment has to be made in one Go. No Installments allowed

If you are eligible and interested in availing this offer then please send out an email to or call us at 8146207241

Once we receive this email we will contact you within a very short span of time

What will you get in the course?

Our course material is comprehensive and consists of:

  1. Concept notes for each topic of ESI and FM. Download the sample material from here. You can also view the sample lessons as well as MCQs at
  2. Awesome MCQs on each topic. What we have done is prepared MCQs based on the concept notes so that you can practice questions as soon as you are done with one concept document. Then you move on to the next concept document and after reading it, you again practice MCQs based on that document and so on. This helps you in assessing your understanding and is very useful in improving retention.
  3. All important reports like HDR, WDR, Economic Survey, Budget, important RBI circulars, notices and the like are being integrated into the material itself so that an aspirant does not have to read them separately.
  4. Before the actual examination, we would also provide online full length tests so that the aspirant gets the feel of the real examination and can assess his/her preparation.
  5. We have also prepared a document covering all important government schemes, programmes and policies important for this exam.

 Is the material provided by EduTap enough for clearing the exam?

We have prepared our material strictly keeping in mind the syllabus and pattern of RBI Phase 2 examination 2015 and 2016. For analysis videos, click here

We expect at least 60-70% of the questions directly from our notes, however, if RBI springs up a surprise, there may be a chance that questions won’t be directly from the notes provided by us. But since it is a competitive exam, you would again be much better placed than the others in tackling such a situation.

Will EduTap update the material REGULARLY?

Yes! The course contents will be updated regularly till the Phase 2 exam of 2017 is over. You don’t have to worry about a thing, we will take care of all updates.

 How much will the course cost me? Is there any discount available?

We have 3 courses

  1. ESI @ Rs 3499
  2. FM @ Rs 3499
  3. Bundle course containing ESI as well as FM at a discounted price of Rs 5999


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2 thoughts on “GROUP DISCOUNTS on RBI 2017 courses by EduTap!

  1. MANJUNATH says:

    I am interested in buying group discount course .I am not getting any friends preparing for rbi exam .I would like to buy this course on discount basis .kindly help me


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