Dear RBI Grade B Aspirant,

RBI Grade B exam  notification can come anytime now.
We hope you have already built the tempo for your preparation because this exam  would be a test of your skill, patience and above all smart work.
We at EduTap have been constantly working to give you the best of the contents with thorough research and in depth analysis.
RBI always comes up with one or the other surprise and this time will be no different. If you prepare only on the topics that were asked last year then you are on the wrong side. But we will guide you, mentor you and motivate you to prepare the right way.
Our experienced faculty has selected some side topics from which RBI can come up with a surpise. With EduTap you would always be ahead of the game to beat any surprise.
Portfolio Investment is one such topic. Mostly aspirants study the theoretical part while studying for this topica but theory is just the tip of the iceberg.
What lies underneath is a plethora of technical topics such as Risk and Return of Portfolio having multiple securities, alpha, Beta, Modern Portfolio theory. SML. CAPM Model, Variance, Covariance etc.
EduTap brings you the following in these topics.
For easy of study the topic has been divided into two parts so that you do not get bogged down just by the sheer volume of the content:
1. Concept of Risk and Return
2. How to Calculate Holding Period Return?
3. How to calculate expected Return?
4. How to know about the Risk Involved?
5. What are different Sources of Risk?
6. Unsystematic and Unsystematic Risk (Question in 2016 Exam)
7. What is Risk Premium and its Significance (Question in 2016 Exam)
8. What is Alpha?
9. How to use Range to Measure Risk?
10. What is Variance and Standard Deviation?
11. How can we measure Risk using Variance and Standard Deviation?
12. Comparing Two Investments and finding which is better?
13. How to use Coefficient of Variation when comparing Investments?
14. Risk and Return on a Portfolio
15. What is Covariance and Coffecient of Correlation?
16. Relation between Risk and Covariance?
17. Portfolio Selection theories – Portfolio Theory and CAPM Theory
18. What is Efficient Frontier and Effiecient Portfolio?
19. Complexities of Capital Market Line
20. CAPM theory
21. What is Beta and its Significance?
22 Different Values of Beta (Question in 2016 Exam)
23. CAPM Equation simplified
24. Security Market Line
25. Difference between CML and SML
26. Plethora of Numerical to Pratice the Learned Concepts
Check out the sample for this lesson here:
Happy Learning

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