Essence of Time – The Most Powerful Warrior


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“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

We all procrastinate a lot, it’s something most of us are not able to do much about.  It has become a part of our existence and we happily abide by it.

RBI Grade B 2017 preparation like calling that old friend is one of those things which get pushed to tomorrow every day and that tomorrow never comes. Anyone serious about realizing his/her dream shall be able to break the shackles to start early and finish ahead of everyone

Shed any doubts you may have and start preparing for this exam in right earnest. There is considerable uncertainty in our times and preparing for RBI Grade B 2017 is a leap of faith for many. Time spent pondering is time wasted and in turn marks lost in the final exam

We live in times where every job has thousands of aspirants and when it comes to RBI Grade B, thousands becomes lakhs. We have less time to put our heads down and solve questions but enough time to ponder about the uncertainties and outrages around the world. When we see people spending so much of their precious time on online forums discussing irrelevant things, the more it becomes difficult to understand  how so many students have so much time to do inane research but too little time to actually finish the vast syllabus for RBI Grade B exam

Only You can Change your life and nobody can do it for you. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Start Preparing at the earliest. If you require any help on this, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would happy to be part of your determined efforts towards realizing your dream.

In case you are not able to decide on what to read, from where to read and you are short on time, you can join our comprehensive course for RBI Grade B Preparation. The course has been designed after extensive and thorough research and analysis on the past year papers for RBI Grade B.

Some of the salient features for our course are

  • Thoroughly researched and updated material as per the requirement of the RBI Grade B exam, we value quality over quantity
  • 100% and topic wise coverage of syllabus
  • Concept validation through topic wise MCQs for each topic
  • 100% coverage of numerical part of FM with ample solved and practice numericals
  • Full length mock tests to give you the feel of the real examination
  • Phase 1 test series specially designed for RBI Grade B 2017
  • Daily coverage of current affairs for Phase 1 as well as Phase 2
  • Coverage of Economic Survey, Budget, India year Book 2017, Monthly Policy Review, RBI Annual Report, RBI circulars, government schemes through MCQs
  • Dedicated discussion forum on to address all your queries
  • 24×7 doubt support over email
  • Study on the go- your course shall work on EduTap android application also!
  • Most competitive prices- Ph 1 plus Ph 2 package at Rs 7000 only

We have always believed in the relationship of trust and we stand to the core values of integrity, Commitment and hard work. Bearing this in mind we shall also advice on two things.

  1. Build Confidence in Our Course: No body should invest blindly in any course. One must have confidence and trust in the course before he/she makes a move forward. Therefore we have been very liberal in giving some of our lessons for free so that you can go through them , evaluate them and finally bestow your trust upon us
  2. Take Your Time: One should not be impulsive when buying any course. Take your time to evaluate our course, gauge feedback from the current subscribers and more importantly call us in case you any doubt under the sky. But at the same time do not waste excessive time pondering over the irrelevant stuff  that after sometime you may feel that you are already left alone while others are so close to the destination

Happy learning and all the best!

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Call us at 8146207241


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