Current Affairs – Gateway to RBI Grade B 2017

Current Affairs have become an integral part of preparation for RBI Grade B examination and 2017 examination is going to be no different.
If one analyzes the previous year papers, one can easily come to the conclusion that current affairs is one section from where a number of questions have been asked, especially in the ESI paper of Phase 2.
Let us have a look at the 2016 ESI paper:
Topic: Measurement of growth: National Income and per capita income

1.What is the GDP growth rate in India in 2015-16?

2.India’s Per capita income according to census is?

Topic: Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India

1.What is the total outlay of Himayat scheme announced in budget 2016?

2.Which scheme will not eliminate poverty?

Topic: Sustainable Development and Environmental issues

1.International solar alliance is an alliance between India and?

2.In Kudankulam plant, the name of the protest group is?

3.Kudankulam project is between India and?

4.One more question on kudankulam

5.NAPCC target

and so on…………………….

The question that now comes in one’s mind is :
Some of us think that reading a daily newspaper would be suffice as far as preparation for current affairs is concerned.
Let me put it very bluntly, newspaper is NOT sufficient for your preparation of current affairs. Yes, it shall aid your preparation but it shall not suffice.
1. First of all reading a newspaper consumes a lot of time especially for first time aspirants who face difficulty in identifying the important news
2. The facts and figures are reported but not in an organized manner thereby the complete picture is not formed in the aspirant’s mind
3. A number of questions are asked from reports such as Economic Survey, Budget, Monthly Policy Reviews, India Year Book, RBI Notifications etc. etc. which are not covered in the newspapers in the depth required.
So, what should I do?
  • Read one good daily newspaper for opinion building (remember you have to face the interview board!)
  • Follow daily current affairs websites like bankersadda, Gktoday for comprehensive coverage. Make short notes daily
  • Practice MCQs based on daily current affairs (available on EduTap) as well as based on important reports like Economic Survey, Budget, Government schemes, etc (available on EduTap)
  • Revise atleast 3-4 times
What EduTap has to Offer?
  • 100 quality MCQ’s on Current Affairs on Weekly Basis. We believe in quality and not quantity, there is no point in overburdening the aspirant with thousands of ill framed and irrelevant questions
  • The current affairs questions have been especially framed from the topics which are in syllabus for RBI Grade B exam. So you will get cent percent relevant information
  • 700+ MCQ’s from Economic Survey and Budget
  • 100+ MCQ’s from the Year Book
  • 100+ MCQ’s  from RBI Demonetization report
  • 150+ questions on Monthly Policy Review of Jan, Feb and Mar 2017
  • 500+ MCQ’s from RBI Bulletins, RBI Notifications, RBI Reports  and RBI Circulars
  • 500+ MCQ’s on government schemes, ESI in news, etc
These will not only help you in clearing the phase 2 with flying colors  but will also help you clear the first hurdle (Phase 1).
The general awareness section will be cakewalk for you once you attempt and grasp all the important information from these important reports and current affairs
These MCQs are available here:
Have a look at our courses here:
For analysis of the previous year papers:
Phase 1- visit
Phase 2- visit
Happy learning and all the best!
Drop us a mail at or or call us at 8146207241 in case you have any query

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