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Numericals form an important section in Finance and Management paper of RBI Grade B Phase 2 examination.
The last year examination contained numericals worth 19 marks out of a total of 100 marks and a lot of aspirants, including the serious one, found this part difficult to deal with.
We at EduTap have carried out a comprehensive video analysis of this important section that can make or break your dream of becoming a RBI Grade B officer.
We have answered the following queries in this video analysis:
  • How to prepare Numericals for FM paper of RBI Grade B?
  • What all topics should be covered from numerical point of view?
  • What kind of numericals were asked in RBI Grade B 2016 exam?
  • What can be expected in RBI grade B 2017?
The video is available here:
Our FM course contains the following w.r.t the NUMERICAL part:
  • 500+ numericals for practice covering every possible topic
  • Step by step explanation for each numerical
  • Shortcuts for lengthy and complex numericals
  • Different types and sub types have been covered
  • 24×7 doubt support through our dedicated discussion forum at EduTap for our paid subscribers (
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Accounting as a topic is not listed in RBI Grade B syllabus but when one analyses the RBI Grade B exam of 2016, a large number of questions were asked in the exam from this topic , surprising even the well prepared candidates.
It is needless to mention and reiterate the importance of every single mark in the exam, we do not want to leave anything to fate.
Come and Join us in this challenging but joyful journey of making it to the one of the most sought after jobs in the country.
Edutap brings to you a well structured, concise yet comprehensive and comprehensible content for Income and Balance Sheet. 
1. We have looked into the every possible minute detail of this topic.
2. After every 3-4 pages there are problems to verify the concepts you would have learned till that time.
3. We have included two different exercises purely to help you validate your concepts
4. Numerical have been included to make you ready for the D-Day
What All is covered?
1. Introduction to Income Statement and Balance Sheet
2. Principles Underlying  Measurement of Revenues and Profitability in the Income Statement
3. Basic Examples of Income Statement
4. Explanation of Revenues, Expenses and Net Income
5. Concept of Gross Profit
6. Concept of Operation Profit – EBIT (Question in 2016 Exam
7. Concept of EBT
8. Concept of Net Income
9. Numerical on Income Statement
10. Concept Questions on Income Statement
11. Introduction to Balance Sheet
12. Different Formats of Balance Sheet
13. Different Components of Asset side
14. Different Components of Liability Side
15. Equity Component of Balance Sheet
16. Numerical on Balance Sheet
17. Concept Questions on Balance Sheet
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Our Bundle course offerings for RBI Grade B 2017


We are receiving many calls to enquire about our BUNDLE COURSE for RBI Grade B 2017.

Here, we would try to answer the following specific queries:

  • What will I get in the bundle course?
  • What about MCQs? Are MCQs included? 
  • Is the content up to date?
  • Will Economic Survey and Budget be covered?
  • What about numericals for FM?
  •  What about current affairs for Phase 2?



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Dear aspirant,

As you all know that our analysis of the RBI Grade B exam 2016 covers in detail what all topics one needs to cover, be it an explicitly mentioned topic (as mentioned by RBI in the syllabus) or a side topic (related to the explicitly mentioned topic in some way) or an out of syllabus topic (not related to any topic in the syllabus).
Quite naturally, a topic which is mentioned in the syllabus explicitly would be read by all and attempting questions from those topics would take you at par with the others.
But what will really make you stand out is how much effort you put in the topics from which RBI can spring  up a surprise aka side topics and out of syllabus topics!
Break Even Point Analysis and Operating Leverage  is one such topic.
RBI came up with a 2 marker numerical each on  Break Even Point and Operating Leverage from  this topic last year i.e. 2016
So you can very well understand the importance of this Topic.
4 marks can make or break your dream for a job in RBI.
EduTap, as always, will not leave any stone unturned to help you do quality preparation for the exam.
We bring you to the point yet comprehensive notes on the topic of BREAK EVEN ANALYSIS AND OPERATING LEVERAGE
We cover the following topics in the notes:
1. What do we mean by Break Even Point?
2. Different type of costs – Variable and Fixed Costs
3. How to Calculate Break Even Point from the Income Sheet? (Question in 2016 Exam)
4. What is Contribution Margin?
5. What is Contribution Margin Ratio?
6. Calculating BEP in Sales Value
7. What is Margin of Safety?
8. What is Operating Leverage and its significance  (Question in 2016 Exam)
9. Relation between Operating Leverage and Increase in Profits
10. Ample Numerical for Practice
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Team EduTap
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We have added the topic of INFLATION in the FINANCE section of FM for RBI Grade B 2017.

The course is available at

We have covered it very comprehensively along the following dimensions:

  • What is inflation
  • Causes of inflation
  • Demand pull inflation
  • Cost push inflation
  • Monetary inflation
  • Effects of inflation
  • Disinflation
  • Deflation
  • Hyperinflation
  • Stagflation
  • Reflation
  • Measures to control inflation- monetary measures and fiscal measures
  • How do we measure inflation- WPI and CPI
  • Headline inflation
  • Core infation
  • Inflation indexed bonds

Facts, figures, current affairs and concepts have been integrated.

MCQs are remaining and will be covered very soon.

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Dear aspirant,

We have added the following topic in our ESI course:
  • Fiscal policy
The same file is also being uploaded in the FM course as the topic of fiscal policy finds mention in the syllabus of ESI as well as FM.
Our courses are available at
We have covered it along the following dimensions:
  • Definition of fiscal policy
  • General objectives of fiscal policy
  • Objectives of India’s fiscal policy
  • How fiscal policy works
  • Tools of fiscal policy
    Types of fiscal policy
  • Fiscal policy vs Monetary policy
  • Budget- components
  • Review of fiscal policy 2016-17
  • Fiscal policy 2017-18 (most important)- Tax policy 2017-18, Expenditure Policy 2017-18, Borrowings, liabilities, etc
  • Conclusion
You will have to memorise a lot of facts for this topic- fiscal deficit targets, revenue deficit targets, government spending numbers, tax figures, etc etc
Happy learning!