Hey guys,

First of all, we would like to sincerely apologize for the delay in launching this course, we had our hands really full with the Phase 1 and Phase 2 ESI and FM courses and we did not want to just launch a new course just for the heck of it.

As far as English is concerned, this paper is the most predictable, requires the least amount of effort and has the potential of rewarding you with more than 80 marks! So you can very well understand the importance this paper holds in your final selection as a RBI Grade B officer.

Still, it is very saddening to see that most of the aspirants keep English on the back burner and do not give it the time that it demands ultimately leading to a score in the range of 50-65 in the actual examination as against the potential score of 80-85. Do not do that, it is our humble advice.

We have planned this course in a very unique manner and we shall be aiming to build a very basic yet strong foundation through the video lectures in this course.

There is no point in just giving you the fodder material of the most important 50 or 100 topics and not tell you what to do with it! You have been reading the daily newspaper for the past 6 months, you have been reading ESI and FM for the past few months, so fodder material/points/knowledge of various topics is what you already have with you.

What most of you would be lacking is the APPROACH i.e. how to structure the information in your head, how to form logical and congruent paragraphs while writing the essay, how to introduce your essay, how to conclude your essay and so on.

We have started our video lectures with this basic and the most important requirement of the aspirants- to teach you the APPROACH/ STRUCTURING of the essay.

Check out these videos to know more:

You shall be getting the following in this course:

  • Video lectures on essay- how to prepare a particular topic, how to write a good essay, how to form logical paragraphs, how to structure the essay, how to introduce the topic, how to conclude and so on along with a list of the most probable topics for RBI Grade B 2017.
  • We shall also be providing the structure aka ‘thought framework’ for every essay on that most probable list.
  • Video lectures on precis- how to write a good precis, what are the rules of precis writing along with examples.
  • Video lectures on reading comprehension- how to answer questions based on reading comprehension along with examples.

Kindly note that we shall be evaluating the copies of the first 50 subscribers only, the course fee shall drop to Rs 1500 once the first 50 slots are filled

This is an independent course, there is no discount- individual or group on this course and is not a part of any of our previous already running courses. Kindly do not mail us such requests, it is a humble request.

The schedule is as follows:


Grab the slot now at–RBI-Grade-B-2017

Write back to us at , you can also call us at 8146207241

Happy learning and all the best!




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