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Evaluation or no evaluation, it is the basics/thumb rules/guidelines that shall help you score high marks in English in phase 2 of RBI Grade B 2017. Do not run after evaluation, do not post your essays/precis on various whatsapp groups, such exercises are fruitful only if the person on the other side has the required knowledge about the basics of precis, essay as well as comprehension. Otherwise, it is nothing but an exercise in vain ultimately leading to wastage of time, something you would want to avoid at this stage.

Most of you must have lost touch with the basic rules of precis writing, essay writing and answering questions based on a comprehension. The last time you wrote an essay must be in class 12th or so! Precis? May be in school! RC is one area you get to practice even after your school, thanks to the emphasis various competitive exams put on this area. But RBI is different! It has DESCRIPTIVE questions based on the given passage and not the MCQs that you are so used to!

So, the preparation required for this part is slightly different as compared to MCQs.

The guidelines to be followed are pretty simple, you just have to apply the same in your examination and bam!, you shall score in the range of 75-85 marks as far as English is concerned.

As a part of our endeavor to guide you, we have made this awesome video on ‘How to approach Reading Comprehension’ .

It is available here:

This video is a part of the full video English course that we have very uniquely designed for RBI Grade B 2017 aspirants. The details are available here:

Full course is available here:–RBI-Grade-B-2017


Write back to us at , you can also call us at 8146207241

Happy learning and all the best!



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