EduTap- NABARD Grade A/B 2017

Dear aspirants,

As part of our paid course for NABARD Grade A/B 2017, we have uploaded the following content till date:

We are offering a discount of Rs 1500 on two of our NABARD courses, Phase 2 only priced at Rs 5000 and Phase 1+2 priced at Rs 5500 to our existing paid subscribers of RBI Grade B, drop us a mail and we shall send you the discounted payment link.

  • Concept noteson Units 1-9 of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • All Concept notesi.e. Unit 1-21 of Economics and Social issues (We have revamped our RBI notes and added latest data, observations from latest Budget and Survey as well)
  • Agriculture schemes documentcontaining all agri schemes compiled at one place
  • Rural development schemes documentcontaining all rural dev schemes compiled at one place as per syllabus
  • Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) in newsJan to June 2017 documents
  • Economics and Social issues (ESI) in news Jan to June 2017 documents
  • ESI in newsQuiz 1-9
  • ARD in newsQuiz 1-2
  • Quiz 1- 12 based on Kurukshetra magazine
  • Quiz 1-5 based on Yojana magazine
  • Quiz 1-4 based on annual report of Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE) under Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)
  • Quiz 1-4 based on annual report of Department of Agricultural Cooperation and Farmers Welfare (DACFW) under MoA
  • Quiz 1-4 based on annual report of Department of Animal Husbandry, Diarying and Fisheries (DAHDF) under MoA
  • Budget and agriculture document
  • Budget and rural development document
  • Quiz 1-4 on Union Budget 2017-18
  • Quiz 1-8 on Economic Survey 2017-18
  • Quiz 1-4 on annual report of Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC)
  • Quiz 1-3 on annual report of Ministry of Rural Development
  • Quiz 1-2 on Agriculture Schemes
  • Quiz 1-2 on Rural development schemes
  • Quiz 1-2 on State of Forest Report 
  • Quiz 1-2 on International organizations in news
  • Quiz 1-3 Environmental issues in news
  • Quiz 1-5 onIndia Year Book 2017
  • Quiz 1-6 onMiscellaneous current affairs of ESI and ARD

As part of our Phase 1 course, the following content has been added:

  • Full length test 1-7 along with solutions
  • More than 1500 additional General Awareness MCQs starting from Jan 2017
  • Computer Awareness notes (MCQs shall also be uploaded shortly)

We have also launched the Paper III course for NABARD GRADE B. 

It covers finance and management as well as statistics. Developmental economy is not covered in this course.

Concept notes for each topic as well as MCQs have been provided in this course

We at EduTap are covering each component of the syllabus in a comprehensive manner and leaving no stone unturned to bring to you the best of material and MCQs.

Happy learning!



4 thoughts on “EduTap- NABARD Grade A/B 2017

  1. Jay Sukhadia says:

    I am RBI Grade B subscriber I have purchased Nabard Phase 1+ Phase 2
    But i didn’t get any discount.
    Kindly provide me the link


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