EduTap- Summary of NABARD Annual Report 2016-17

Dear aspirants,
As part of our Comprehensive Interview Guidance Programme for NABARD, we have prepared an awesome summary of NABARD Annual Report 2016-17 for the students appearing for the upcoming Grade A/Binterview.

The summary contains the following:


Initially, there is a snapshot of what does NABARD do and what are we going to read as part of this NABARD Annual Report 2016-17 Summary.
State of India Economy in 2016-17:
It contains an overview of the Indian Economy and its sectors; the macroeconomic challenges faced by the economy in 2016-17.
Assessment of Agriculture Sector in India 2016-17:
Certain Facts, Food grains production estimates, Major Agriculture announcements in Budget 2017-18; special focus on doubling of farmer’s income by 2022; Capital formation in agriculture; solar agriculture; Credit to Agriculture and Allied Sector; share of agriculture credit to agriculture GDP; Agriculture Trade; Agricultural Land Leasing Policy.
NABARD’s role in Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture:
The effects of climate change on Agriculture; what is Climate Smart Agriculture? ; three pillars of CSA; The difference between the usual approach and the new Integrated approach; Major mitigation and adaptation strategies adopted by the Government of India; NABARD’s role in climate change initiatives; various funds monitored by NABARD (Adaptation Fund; The Green Climate Fund; The National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC).
Supporting Rural Financial institutions: 
The importance of rural financial institutions and how is NABARD helping them; various types of credit given by NABARD to co-operative banks, Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) and others; Supervision and health of these rural financial Institutions.
Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Rural Prosperity :
Initiatives of NABARD for achieving Inclusive growth;
Financing Rural Infrastructure:
Importance of development of Rural Infrastructure; various funds to finance the rural infrastructure – Rural Infrastructure Development Fund; Long-Term Irrigation fund; NABARD Infrastructure Development Assistance; Warehouse Infrastructure Fund; Food Processing Fund;
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How to prepare topic -“Alternate Source of Finance” for RBI Grade B 2018


Dear aspirants,

There is a topic by the name of “Alternate Sources of Finance” in the RBI Grade B Syllabus for Finance and Management (FM) in Phase 2.

This topic is generally not taken very seriously by the aspirants, the general belief being that no questions are asked from this topic.
But guess what?
In 2017, there was a damn easy 2 marker from this topic on P2P lending.
The concept was clearly mentioned in our notes and one could have easily scored those 2 extra marks had one taken this underrated topic seriously.

Enough said, there might be many question cropping up in your mind like:
1. Why is this topic important?
2. What was the exact question asked from this topic in previous year paper?
3. What was the difficulty level of the question asked?
4. What all topics one needs to prepare under this topic?
5. What are current affairs related to this topic?

We have made a video answering all your queries related to this topic.

Click here to watch the video

We have covered this topic very thoroughly in our course. All the important alternate sources of finance with special emphasis on P2P Lending have been covered.

About our RBI Grade B 2018 course

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RBI Grade B 2018 – How to Study Leadership Lesson in Your Course?


Leadership is an important topic for RBI Grade B exam and rightly so because at job level of Grade B you need to have leadership qualities to excel in the job.

In 2016 and 2017 there were a total of 6 and 8 marks worth of questions respectively from this topic alone.

Let us have a look at the questions asked in previous years.

Questions asked in 2017

  1. In which of the following leadership theory manager shares decision making with his colleagues and asks for their opinion?
  2. A leader who is visible all the time and motivates through communication to bring change in the organization is called?
  3. In which leadership the leader gives rewards when employees perform well and even has the power to punish them if the employees do not comply ?
  4. Managerial Leadership is also known as?
  5. What is characteristic of Participative Leadership?
  6. In which leadership style leader has a vision for the future, inspires his subordinates and brings change in the organization?

Questions asked in 2016

  1. Question on Participative Leadership
  2. Question on Transactional Leadership
  3. Who Invented the Decision Making Model of Leadership?
  4. 2 Questions on Transactional Analysis by Thomas Harris

Were the questions easy or tough?

Most of the questions asked were easy, especially the one markers.

The questions were concept based and could have been answered easily provided one is thorough with the basics. A few questions can be called very direct questions like the one asked in 2017 i.e. “Managerial Leadership is known as?

In 2017 examination, there were a few questions that had very confusing choices like the one where students had a confusion as to whether the answer would be Transformational or Charismatic Leader.

Were there any questions that were out of syllabus? 

RBI has always been known to surprise students with some questions from the topics not mentioned explicitly in the syllabus.

In 2016 exam there was an entire set of questions from Transactional Analysis theory by Thomas Harris which can be called an out of syllabus set. Although Transactional Analysis theory can be considered as a part of HRM but it is not entirely true.

In 2017 exam all the questions were from the topics in the syllabus and they were related to important theories on leadership which almost everybody would have studied for the exam.

What about case study based questions from this topic?  

There were some questions in 2017 exam based on case studies. A small paragraph was given at the start of the question to set the context. Then the question was asked based on that paragraph. Though these were seemingly lengthy questions, however, having a strong conceptual understanding would have ensured cent percent marks in such type of questions.

How to Prepare for 2018?

You must give emphasis on studying various leadership styles, characteristics of each leadership style, pros and cons of each leadership style.

Give equal emphasis to various leadership theories like Trait Theories, Situational Theories, Functional Theories and Behavioral  theories.

Do not try to cram, rather build concepts.

Where can I find the previous year memory based paper?

You can visit our website ( and view the memory based paper for FM in the course named “Free Sample Material For RBI and NABARD”. The complete paper along with answers is available on the website.

We are also glad to announce that around 72 marks of FM paper in 2017 Phase 2 exam came from our notes. You can visit our You tube Channel by clicking here to view the Analysis of past year papers and the offerings mentioned in the course

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EduTap- Interview Guidance Programme for NABARD

Dear students,
Congratulations on clearing the Phase 2 examination of NABARD Grade A/B.
The last phase i.e the interview is a crucial one and in order to help you overcome your fears associated with this stage and gain confidence, we have come up with a unique Comprehensive Interview Guidance Programmefor all successful candidates.
Details of our programme:
The programme is open for all candidates who have cleared Phase 2 and shall commence as soon as NABARD releases the bio data form.
The course fee is Rs 1000 and Rs 1500 for EduTap and non EduTap students respectively.
We shall help you in filling out the bio data form and also provide a list of personalized most probable questions based on the information furnished by you in the bio data form.
You shall get to attend one mock interview with retired senior level officers of NABARD including CGMs and GMs via telephone or video calling.
The mock interview slots shall be from 9 am to 1 pm, the exact time and date shall be communicated by us to the student well in advance. No rescheduling shall be allowed.
Proper feedback shall be given by the panel after the interview.
We shall also provide Agriculture and Economy current affairs notes starting from Jan 2017 along with Government Schemes document covering all important schemes and programmes of the government in the field of agriculture, rural development, etc

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RBI Grade B 2018 courses by EduTap

Dear aspirants,

We have launched the following +3 courses for the RBI Grade B examination 2018.

1) Phase 1 + 2 full video course @Rs 
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Is there any discount available?
There is an early bird discount of 15% on all the 3 courses and this discount is valid till 30th September 2017 only. 
Will GST be charged extra?
No. All prices written above are inclusive of 18% GST.
Is there any additional discount for old students?
Yes! There is a discount of 30% on the MRP for all our old students, irrespective of the fact whether they had joined RBI Grade B 2017 or NABARD Grade A/B 2017 course/s.
To avail, the discount, just reply back to this mail mentioning the course you would like to subscribe to.
When will RBI release the notification for next year i.e. 2018?
When it comes to RBI Grade B examination, there is no definite trend as far as the date of examination is concerned. This year, Phase 1 was conducted on 17th June 2017 and Phase 2 on 7th July 2017. 
As per speculation, the examination can be held as early as Feb-Mar 2018 next year. 
When should I start my preparation?
If you are a working professional with limited time available for study, this is the right time to start your preparation for RBI Grade B 2018.
If you are not employed and can devote 7-8 hours daily, you may start a little late but we would not advise the same as multiple revisions are required to grasp the concepts and retain them.
When shall be the course be completed?
We shall be completing the entire static part of ESI and FM by 30th October 2017 and from November onwards, we shall be covering the current affairs for Phase 1 as well as Phase 2 comprehensively.
This coverage shall continue till your Phase 2 examination and needless to say, all important reports and documents like Economic Survey 2017-18, Budget 2018-19, Government Schemes etc shall be covered by us.
What shall I be getting in the courses?
The video courses shall have the following:
1) Concept videos on each topic of ESI and FM
2) Concept notes on each topic of ESI and FM followed by
3) Summary sheets summarising all important points of ESI and FM followed by
4) Worksheet containing true/false, match the following/ fill in the blanks types questions so as to check your concepts followed by
5) Objective MCQ test for each topic on the same level and pattern as RBI
6) 10 full length mock tests for Phase 1 followed by text solutions as well as video solutions
7) Current affairs coverage- Economic Survey, Budget, Schemes, other important reports through videos, notes as well as MCQs.
The non video course would be exactly the same as the video course, the only thing missing would be the concept videos.
Can I get any sample material?
Why not! Go to and check out our sample lesson on motivation by enrolling for free in the course.
Can I access the course anywhere, anytime?
Yes, you can. Our mobile application available on Google playstore comes with offline feature wherein you can save the lesson in your app and access it later without internet.
What is the validity of the course?
The initial validity of the course has been set at 31st July 2018 assuming that the Phase 2 examination of 2018 shall be over by then. In case there is a delay in the conduct of examination, we shall extend the validity without charging anything extra from you.

Feel free to call us at 8146207241 or reply back to this mail in case you have any further query. 
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