RBI Grade B 2018 courses by EduTap

Dear aspirants,

We have launched the following +3 courses for the RBI Grade B examination 2018.

1) Phase 1 + 2 full video course @Rs 
12500 available at Rs 10625 after 15% early bird discount 
2) Phase 2 full video course @Rs 10500 available at Rs 8925 after 15% early bird discount  
3) Phase 1 + 2 non video course @Rs 9000 available at Rs 7650 after 15% early bird discount  
Check out the courses at http://www.edutap.co.in/learn
Is there any discount available?
There is an early bird discount of 15% on all the 3 courses and this discount is valid till 30th September 2017 only. 
Will GST be charged extra?
No. All prices written above are inclusive of 18% GST.
Is there any additional discount for old students?
Yes! There is a discount of 30% on the MRP for all our old students, irrespective of the fact whether they had joined RBI Grade B 2017 or NABARD Grade A/B 2017 course/s.
To avail, the discount, just reply back to this mail mentioning the course you would like to subscribe to.
When will RBI release the notification for next year i.e. 2018?
When it comes to RBI Grade B examination, there is no definite trend as far as the date of examination is concerned. This year, Phase 1 was conducted on 17th June 2017 and Phase 2 on 7th July 2017. 
As per speculation, the examination can be held as early as Feb-Mar 2018 next year. 
When should I start my preparation?
If you are a working professional with limited time available for study, this is the right time to start your preparation for RBI Grade B 2018.
If you are not employed and can devote 7-8 hours daily, you may start a little late but we would not advise the same as multiple revisions are required to grasp the concepts and retain them.
When shall be the course be completed?
We shall be completing the entire static part of ESI and FM by 30th October 2017 and from November onwards, we shall be covering the current affairs for Phase 1 as well as Phase 2 comprehensively.
This coverage shall continue till your Phase 2 examination and needless to say, all important reports and documents like Economic Survey 2017-18, Budget 2018-19, Government Schemes etc shall be covered by us.
What shall I be getting in the courses?
The video courses shall have the following:
1) Concept videos on each topic of ESI and FM
2) Concept notes on each topic of ESI and FM followed by
3) Summary sheets summarising all important points of ESI and FM followed by
4) Worksheet containing true/false, match the following/ fill in the blanks types questions so as to check your concepts followed by
5) Objective MCQ test for each topic on the same level and pattern as RBI
6) 10 full length mock tests for Phase 1 followed by text solutions as well as video solutions
7) Current affairs coverage- Economic Survey, Budget, Schemes, other important reports through videos, notes as well as MCQs.
The non video course would be exactly the same as the video course, the only thing missing would be the concept videos.
Can I get any sample material?
Why not! Go to and check out our sample lesson on motivation by enrolling for free in the course.
Can I access the course anywhere, anytime?
Yes, you can. Our mobile application available on Google playstore comes with offline feature wherein you can save the lesson in your app and access it later without internet.
What is the validity of the course?
The initial validity of the course has been set at 31st July 2018 assuming that the Phase 2 examination of 2018 shall be over by then. In case there is a delay in the conduct of examination, we shall extend the validity without charging anything extra from you.

Feel free to call us at 8146207241 or reply back to this mail in case you have any further query. 
Happy learning!

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