EduTap- Interview Guidance Programme for NABARD

Dear students,
Congratulations on clearing the Phase 2 examination of NABARD Grade A/B.
The last phase i.e the interview is a crucial one and in order to help you overcome your fears associated with this stage and gain confidence, we have come up with a unique Comprehensive Interview Guidance Programmefor all successful candidates.
Details of our programme:
The programme is open for all candidates who have cleared Phase 2 and shall commence as soon as NABARD releases the bio data form.
The course fee is Rs 1000 and Rs 1500 for EduTap and non EduTap students respectively.
We shall help you in filling out the bio data form and also provide a list of personalized most probable questions based on the information furnished by you in the bio data form.
You shall get to attend one mock interview with retired senior level officers of NABARD including CGMs and GMs via telephone or video calling.
The mock interview slots shall be from 9 am to 1 pm, the exact time and date shall be communicated by us to the student well in advance. No rescheduling shall be allowed.
Proper feedback shall be given by the panel after the interview.
We shall also provide Agriculture and Economy current affairs notes starting from Jan 2017 along with Government Schemes document covering all important schemes and programmes of the government in the field of agriculture, rural development, etc

Join the programme below:
1) EduTap students click

2) Non EduTap students click

Write back to us at in case you have any query related to this course.

Happy learning!

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