RBI Grade B 2018 – How to Study Leadership Lesson in Your Course?


Leadership is an important topic for RBI Grade B exam and rightly so because at job level of Grade B you need to have leadership qualities to excel in the job.

In 2016 and 2017 there were a total of 6 and 8 marks worth of questions respectively from this topic alone.

Let us have a look at the questions asked in previous years.

Questions asked in 2017

  1. In which of the following leadership theory manager shares decision making with his colleagues and asks for their opinion?
  2. A leader who is visible all the time and motivates through communication to bring change in the organization is called?
  3. In which leadership the leader gives rewards when employees perform well and even has the power to punish them if the employees do not comply ?
  4. Managerial Leadership is also known as?
  5. What is characteristic of Participative Leadership?
  6. In which leadership style leader has a vision for the future, inspires his subordinates and brings change in the organization?

Questions asked in 2016

  1. Question on Participative Leadership
  2. Question on Transactional Leadership
  3. Who Invented the Decision Making Model of Leadership?
  4. 2 Questions on Transactional Analysis by Thomas Harris

Were the questions easy or tough?

Most of the questions asked were easy, especially the one markers.

The questions were concept based and could have been answered easily provided one is thorough with the basics. A few questions can be called very direct questions like the one asked in 2017 i.e. “Managerial Leadership is known as?

In 2017 examination, there were a few questions that had very confusing choices like the one where students had a confusion as to whether the answer would be Transformational or Charismatic Leader.

Were there any questions that were out of syllabus? 

RBI has always been known to surprise students with some questions from the topics not mentioned explicitly in the syllabus.

In 2016 exam there was an entire set of questions from Transactional Analysis theory by Thomas Harris which can be called an out of syllabus set. Although Transactional Analysis theory can be considered as a part of HRM but it is not entirely true.

In 2017 exam all the questions were from the topics in the syllabus and they were related to important theories on leadership which almost everybody would have studied for the exam.

What about case study based questions from this topic?  

There were some questions in 2017 exam based on case studies. A small paragraph was given at the start of the question to set the context. Then the question was asked based on that paragraph. Though these were seemingly lengthy questions, however, having a strong conceptual understanding would have ensured cent percent marks in such type of questions.

How to Prepare for 2018?

You must give emphasis on studying various leadership styles, characteristics of each leadership style, pros and cons of each leadership style.

Give equal emphasis to various leadership theories like Trait Theories, Situational Theories, Functional Theories and Behavioral  theories.

Do not try to cram, rather build concepts.

Where can I find the previous year memory based paper?

You can visit our website (www.edutap.co.in) and view the memory based paper for FM in the course named “Free Sample Material For RBI and NABARD”. The complete paper along with answers is available on the website.

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Thanks again!


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