EduTap- Summary of NABARD Annual Report 2016-17

Dear aspirants,
As part of our Comprehensive Interview Guidance Programme for NABARD, we have prepared an awesome summary of NABARD Annual Report 2016-17 for the students appearing for the upcoming Grade A/Binterview.

The summary contains the following:


Initially, there is a snapshot of what does NABARD do and what are we going to read as part of this NABARD Annual Report 2016-17 Summary.
State of India Economy in 2016-17:
It contains an overview of the Indian Economy and its sectors; the macroeconomic challenges faced by the economy in 2016-17.
Assessment of Agriculture Sector in India 2016-17:
Certain Facts, Food grains production estimates, Major Agriculture announcements in Budget 2017-18; special focus on doubling of farmer’s income by 2022; Capital formation in agriculture; solar agriculture; Credit to Agriculture and Allied Sector; share of agriculture credit to agriculture GDP; Agriculture Trade; Agricultural Land Leasing Policy.
NABARD’s role in Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture:
The effects of climate change on Agriculture; what is Climate Smart Agriculture? ; three pillars of CSA; The difference between the usual approach and the new Integrated approach; Major mitigation and adaptation strategies adopted by the Government of India; NABARD’s role in climate change initiatives; various funds monitored by NABARD (Adaptation Fund; The Green Climate Fund; The National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC).
Supporting Rural Financial institutions: 
The importance of rural financial institutions and how is NABARD helping them; various types of credit given by NABARD to co-operative banks, Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) and others; Supervision and health of these rural financial Institutions.
Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Rural Prosperity :
Initiatives of NABARD for achieving Inclusive growth;
Financing Rural Infrastructure:
Importance of development of Rural Infrastructure; various funds to finance the rural infrastructure – Rural Infrastructure Development Fund; Long-Term Irrigation fund; NABARD Infrastructure Development Assistance; Warehouse Infrastructure Fund; Food Processing Fund;
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