Economic Survey Vol 2 for RBI Grade B 2018

Dear students,

Economic Survey released by the Government of India is a goldmine when it comes to RBI Grade B and NABARD Grade A/B examination.
Direct as well as indirect questions are asked each year from this document and hence, one must be thorough and well versed with the latest Economic Survey.
This year is unique in the sense that the government has released 2 volumes of this survey, one taking data of pre demonetisation into account (released before the Union Budget 2017-18) and the second volume taking the data of post demonetisation into account (released in Aug 2017).
We are of the opinion that the second volume of the survey is important for next year’s examination, both RBI as well as NABARD.
We have prepared a chapter wise summary of Economic Survey 2016-17 Volume 2 as a part of our comprehensive courses for RBI Grade B 2018.
Chapter wise MCQs shall also be provided on the same.
Kindly go to your RBI Grade B 2018 course and then to the sub course named ESI- Reports and Schemes in order to access these chapters.
The first chapter has been uploaded for free and can be accessed by all. Just sign up on the website here and you are good to go!
Our comprehensive courses for RBI Grade B 2018 are available here
Write to us at or call us at 8146207241 in case of any query!
Happy learning!

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