Important news from The Hindu for RBI and NABARD 2018

Dear aspirant,

Current affairs is the backbone of your preparation as far as RBI Grade B and NABARD Grade A/B examination is concerned.
While the sources available for General Awareness for Phase 1 are abundant, there is a dearth of good sources when it comes to current affairs of Phase 2- Economics and Social issues, Finance and Management as well as Agriculture and Rural Development.
Here I would also like to bust a myth which is widely prevalent among the students that a few specific pages/sections of the newspaper are important and hence the remaining pages/sections can be safely skipped. 
This is not true!
The selection of the articles to be read in the newspaper is independent of the page/section on which a particular news is published but dependent on the syllabus of ESI, FM and ARD.
An organic linkage has to be developed between the syllabus of Phase 2 as given by RBI and NABARD and the news items that are appearing in the newspaper.
Let us understand this with the help of an example:
There was an advertisement in The Hindu dated 7th Oct on PMGDISHA i.e. Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan. Now this ad appeared on the last page of the newspaper (Page 22)
It should immediately strike the mind of the student that this scheme is important from the point of view of the following topics:
  • Education topic of ESI
  • Human development topic of ESI
  • Social justice- positive discrimination in the favor of under privileged topic of ESI
  • Financial inclusion topic of FM
  • E Governance topic of FM
Hence, irrespective of the page number of the article, the news has to be seen in the light of the syllabus of Phase 2.
Let us take another example:
On the page 1 of The Hindu dated 7th October 2017, the following news item appeared:
Aadhaar now must for PPF, KVP”
Now this news is important from the point of view of the following topics:
  • Role of e governance in addressing the issues of corruption and inefficiency in the government sector
With this in mind, we shall be uploading a file listing all the important articles to be read from The Hindu on a daily basis.
Download the file here

Check out our courses for RBI Grade B 2018 here
We shall also be launching comprehensive courses for NABARD by mid November.
Reply back to this mail or call us at 8146207241 in case of any query.
Happy learning!



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