RBI Notification on P2P Lending

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Dear aspirants,

RBI Notifications are golden source of truth. Reading from books can give you outdated information but RBI Notifications will always give  you recent and correct information. Current affairs have always been important for RBI Grade B and since these notifications are coming from horses’ mouth, they become even more important

Recently there was a notification on P2P lending by RBI. P2P Lending stands for Peer to Peer lending and there was a question on the same in 2017 RBI grade B exam. Peer to Peer lending is part of topic – “Alternate Sources of Finance” in the RBI Grade B syllabus

With this notification P2P lending have been given status of P2P NBFC’s and they would be regulated by RBI.

Though the regulations laid down by RBI are stringent but overall it is seen as a positive step towards helping P2P industry to grow and sustain for times to come

We have made a detailed video on this new regulation which will help you understand each and every small detail that you need to know for the exam.


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