Flat 30% loyalty discount on RBI Grade B 2018 courses for old subscribers of EduTap


Greetings from EduTap!

Do you know that 124 EduTapians appeared for interview in 2017 and 21 EduTapians have made it to the final list of RBI Grade B 2017 managers?
View toppers interviews here
Want to be the next topper?
Start your preparation early and reduce the role of luck in your selection.
What better than a flat 30% loyalty discount for our old subscribers on our  RBI Grade B 2018 courses!
Just drop a mail at deepak@edutap.co.in for the discount coupon.
We have the following 3 courses for the next year’s examination:
1) Phase 1+2 video course + notes + MCQs originally priced at Rs 12500 shall cost you Rs 8750
2) Phase 2 video course + notes + MCQs originally priced at Rs 10500 shall cost you Rs 7350
3) Phase 1+2 notes + MCQs (no videos) originally priced at Rs 9000 shall cost you Rs 6300
What has changed as compare to last year?
Glad you asked.
Not only has the entire content been revamped by including all latest updates, we have also made the course structure much more exciting this year by including concept videos + concept notes + summary sheets + worksheets + MCQs for each topic of ESI and FM.
We have also made the summary sheets downloadable so that the same can be printed for easy and effective revision.
This time around, we are also providing video solutions of tests of Phase 1 along with pdf solutions of each question.

Want sample material?

No issue at all! The course material sample can be accessed here, sample videos are available here
Want to know more about the course offerings?
The offerings of our courses are explained in this video
Kindly reply back to this mail or call us at 8146207241 in case you have any query.
Join our telegram group here for all updates!
Happy learning!

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