Free All India Mini Mock Test Series for RBI Gr B 2018


Preparing for RBI Grade B 2018 and not sure what to study and what to skip? Are you not able to manage your time effectively? Having problems in following a study schedule?

Don’t worry! EduTap brings to you free All India Mock Test Series for RBI Gr B 2018 where we shall be providing you with mini mock tests covering a part of the syllabus in each test.

A new test shall be uploaded every Sunday starting 7th Jan 2018 and each test along with detailed solutions shall be given in pdf form.

Register here and download the schedule here

Refer the following FAQs for more detail:

What is this series all about?

The idea is to cover the entire syllabus of ESI and FM by dividing it into several parts and preparing a comprehensive test for each part.

How are these tests going to help the aspirants?

The objective of these tests is to help you to prepare for your exams in a scheduled manner. It would help you in time management and you can divide your preparation into parts for easy understanding and retention.

How many questions shall each test contain?

50 (35 questions of 1 mark each and 15 questions of 2 marks each).

Total marks for each test?


What shall be the total duration of the test?                                                                            70 minutes.

What will be the frequency of the tests?

The tests would be conducted every Sunday.

When will the tests start?

The first test would be held on 7th January 2018.

Can I take the tests only on Sundays?

The tests would be live on every Sunday at 10 AM and after that it can be taken at any day, any time as per the student’s convenience.

What should I read for each test?

We have provided a Schedule for this Mini Mock Test Series wherein we have given a detailed breakup of the syllabus and the topics covered for each test.

Will only the Static part be covered?

No, we shall be covering both the concepts (Static part) and the current affairs.

Are these tests free?

Yes, these tests are completely free and can be taken by anyone.

I have not bought any of the courses offered by EduTap, can I still take the tests? 

Yes, of course, even those who have not taken the EduTap courses can attempt these tests.

Will the solutions be provided?

A comprehensive solution for each test will be provided after the completion of each test. The questions along with the detailed answers will be available for download in the form of a PDF.

When will the schedule for FM be provided?

We shall be providing a detailed schedule for FM in the last week of February.

For any query, call us at 8146207241 or drop us a mail at

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