Why you should prepare for NABARD along with RBI?

We often hear one say, “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”.

This is a piece of advice which means that one should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area as one could lose everything.

And rightly so. One runs the risk of losing everything if plan does not work as expected!

So wouldn’t it be great if you could kill two birds with just one stone?

How awesome it would be if you could prepare, compete and succeed in two examinations by putting in almost the same efforts?  This is exactly what aspirants preparing for RBI Grade B examination can accomplish by simultaneously preparing for NABARD Grade A/B examination.

Lets see how.
You must be quite familiar with the Phase 1 pattern of RBI Gr B examination. It consists of 4 sections as follows:

  • General Awareness (80 marks)
  • Reasoning (60 marks)
  • English (30 marks)
  • Quantitative Aptitude (30 marks)

Phase 2 of RBI Gr B examination consists of 3 papers namely:

  • English (100 marks)
  • Economics and Social Issues (100 marks)
  • Finance and Management (100 marks)

NABARD Gr A/B examination pattern is very similar to the above! Phase 1 of NABARD Gr A/B examination consists of sections namely:

  • Economics and Social Issues (ESI) (40 marks)
  • Agriculture and Rural Development (40 marks)
  • English (40 marks)
  • General Awareness (20 marks)
  • Computer Knowledge (20 marks)
  • Reasoning (20 marks)
  • Quantitative Aptitude (20 marks)

So basically you are already preparing for 5 out of 7 sections (almost 70%) of NABARD Phase 1 while preparing for RBI Gr B! Great isn’t it?

Lets move further.

Phase 2 of NABARD Gr A examination has 2 papers namely:

  • English (100 marks)
  • Economics and Social Issues and Agriculture and Rural Development (ESI+ARD) (100 marks)

Students preparing for RBI Gr B are already prepared for 150 marks of paper as they would have already prepared English as well as ESI as part of RBI preparation!

Phase 2 of NABARD Gr B examination has one more paper in addition to the above two namely:

  • Development Economics, Statistics and Finance and Management

One is again well versed with FM as part of his/her RBI Gr B preparation!

So with just a little effort in preparation of Computer Knowledge, Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) for Gr A and Statistics for Gr B one can appear for another similar examination having similar pay scale, similar postings and similar perks and privileges. How cool is that!

One must bear in mind that having an agriculture background has no bearing on how you fare in NABARD Gr A/B examination. Yes, the questions asked in 2017 from ARD were based on hard core facts of agriculture but always remember that what relative advantage an agriculture graduate might have in ARD, you have in ESI owing to your RBI Gr B preparation!

Watch what Mr Ayushmaan Yash (EduTapian who has cleared NABARD Gr A 2017) with no background in Agriculture whatsoever has to say on this. Watch video here

With slim chances of NABARD Grade B notification for this year, we at EduTap have launched a comprehensive course for NABARD Gr A 2018 examination expected to be held in the second half of this year.

Because of the huge overlap in the course content of RBI and NABARD, we are also offering a flat 50% discount to all our RBI Gr B 2018 subscribers on our NABARD Gr A 2018 course. It shall cost you Rs 5000 only!

42 students of EduTap appeared for NABARD Gr A/B interviews this year with 11 making it to the final list! Be the next topper.

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Happy learning!

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