Flat 30% off- Group Discount Scheme for RBI and NABARD 2018 courses

Dear aspirant,

RBI Grade B as well as NABARD Grade A and B are very competitive exams and the syllabus is vast. It is quite natural that an aspirant tries to read from so many sources, be it online or offline.

We understand your quest to read as much as possible because the exam is un-predictable. This comes at a cost because each book, each course costs you your hard-earned money.

In an attempt to minimize the costs, students do share the course fee among themselves but end up struggling because only one person can log in at one time. This practice though saves money but leads to frustration as you are always adjusting among yourselves to decide on the login time. No need to mention the time, which needs to be utilized in constructive study, is wasted in these unnecessary activities.

We have come up with a Group Discount Scheme so that you can avail the benefit of reduced cost without having to share your login id with anyone.

Each student shall get a unique login id and password!

What are the Details?

EduTap will be offering discount of 30% to a group of people buying in group of 10 or more people.

We will generate separate login id’s and each person would have one login Id

All you have to do is send out an email to deepak@edutap.co.in or call us at 8146207241 and we shall send you a group discount format wherein we would be asking for the name, email id, phone number along with the course the student wants to buy (out of the courses available). Aspirants can choose their own courses, it is not necessary for the group to buy the same course.

(For individual purchases, discount of 15% is applicable. Use coupon code OFF15 on our portal)

Course details and prices:

For RBI Gr B course details, visit https://edutap.co.in/rbi-grade-b-coaching/

For NABARD Gr A/B course details, visit https://edutap.co.in/nabard-grade-a-coaching/

1) Phase 1 + 2 video course + notes + MCQs shall cost each person Rs 8750 (MRP is Rs 12500)

2) Phase 2 video course + notes + MCQs shall cost each person Rs 7350 (MRP is Rs 10500)

3) Phase 1 + 2 notes + MCQs (no videos) shall cost each person Rs 6300 (MRP is Rs 9000)

4) NABARD Gr A comprehensive course videos + notes + MCQs shall cost each person Rs 7000 (MRP is Rs 10000)

Previous year (2017) paid subscribers of any of our courses are eligible for flat 30% discount on MRP of the courses on individual basis. They need not form a group to avail this offer.

They have to simply drop us a mail at deepak@edutap.co.in and we shall share the coupon code with them.

Check out our RBI Gr B sample material here:


Check out our NABARD Gr A/B sample material here:


Happy learning!


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