Free Agriculture Concepts Video Series for NABARD, IBPS AFO, FCI and other examinations


Good news for all aspirants!

EduTap brings to you a free video series on Agriculture!

What is this series all about?

In this series, we shall be taking topics of Agriculture and explaining them in detail one by one. First, we shall begin with giving out the relevance of the topic in discussion from the exam point of view by mapping the topic to the syllabus of the various examinations.

Next, we shall be discussing some of the previous year questions related to that topic. This would give you an idea regarding what type of questions can be asked in the examination from the topic of discussion.

Moving on, we shall be discussing the topic in detail to build conceptual clarity. While doing so, we shall also give an idea as to what is important form the exam point of view.

Later, we shall be discussing some MCQs based on the topic discussed.

There is more to it, at the end we shall be putting forth certain questions for discussion. The answers to these questions can be given in the comment section below. We shall be discussing the answers at the beginning of the next video of the series.

And guess what? If you want us to discuss any particular topic, you can mention the topic in the comments section. We shall try our best to come up with a video on that topic.

So lets begin!

The first topic of discussion is Agro-Climatic Zones (ACZ)

This topic comes under the broader topic of Agronomy. The geographical landmass of India is divided into various Agro-Climatic zones. In this video, we shall be discussing the classification done by the Planning Commission in the year 1988.

To know: What is an Agro-Climatic Zone? What are the factors based on which the classification is done? What is the need for the classification? What are the other classifications? The names of the various zones…etc….kindly watch the video below:



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