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90 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. Vivek Sagar says:

    Post the mains, please make the notes/PDFs that were once paid as free to download so that the unlucky ones(including me) can atleast refer them for the next year.

    Please Gaurav and Team


    • Adv.Sidharthprasad says:

      Adv. Sidharth B Prasad:
      I have brought SEBI Grade A Bundle worth Rs. 6000/-. Made Payment. Showed payment error. But Debited Money. Got a mail saying payment successful from razor pay. Now i don’t see that course in “My courses” section. My money in now debited, but I have no access to the course. This is fraud from your part. Please either give access to the course or refund my money.


  2. abhisek das says:

    how much time does it take to add Phase 1 Course to the already purchased Phase 2 bundle.
    I made the payment but it’s not visible in my courses please check.


  3. rajeshwar reddy says:

    I have subscribed edutap course for Phase 2. Everything is fine.
    But there is no option to highlight the imp phrases in material and refer them while revision.
    I am sure you will also accept with me if I say that its highly impossible to read whole document in last few days before exam. And that last minute revision is very imp to score better.
    I can understand ur concern abt piracy of ur material. But if there is scope to provide option to highlight without copying it, please incorporate it. That will make ur material more relevant to aspirants and ur goodwill and popularity will also increase.


  4. Pradeepika Ravala says:

    will we get the PDF files of the material that we subscribe. as the outside websites are not allowed in office, i cant prepare for the courses during office time. kindly clear my doubt. i really want to subscribe


  5. SHahbaaz Khan says:

    Hi I got 50% scholarship and I purchased the edutap material. But when I log in, its not showing the courses I bought. Please help


  6. ZAKI MOMIN says:

    Greetings to You Sir
    Current affairs of how many previous months should be prepared for RBI grade B exam.
    Does your course suit for smartphones as I dont have any laptop?
    pls reply soon.


    • EduTap says:

      Hi there. Current affairs from Jan 2017 have to be covered. Our course works on android mobile phones as well as tablets via our application EduTap on Google playstore.


  7. Vikram says:

    I have paid 999Rs for Rbi grade B phase 2 MCQ Course and have also received a confirmation regarding the same but still don’t have access to it. Please activate it at the earliest.


  8. Saurabh says:

    I have IPhone and your app is only for android phones. Even on google chrome on iPhone, I can’t read the course material for which I have paid. Is there any solution to this problem so that I can continue my study anywhere and anytime??

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  9. Gaurav sharma says:

    Sir I made the payment for finance and management on 27th June evening via netbanking. The transaction was shown and then the session expired. The edutap website showed that the course was not purchased. So again I used my credit card this time and made payment. The payment was successful this time and the course was added to my profile.. but lateremember I realised that the amount had been deducted earlier too via netbanking. So in short, I got debited twice for getting course once. Kindly help me out. I was trying to contact you over phone. Please help.


  10. Tarun sharma says:

    hey I am interested in your phase 2 course but I have one doubt about validity of course, it will valid up to phase 2 exam only or later on also?


  11. Arasu says:

    Hi, I have two queries in RBI grade B 2018 phase 1 + phase 2 material
    1) are the videos that you provide are live videos or, recorded videos ? Because I am working, as well as preparing for the exam. So I will prepare for the exam based on my free times,So I want to know whether can I access the video and materials anytime ?
    2) If I fails to clear the exam in this attempt, will I be able to access the study material for next year, Since we can’t save the material and you have mentioned the expiry date as july 31


    • EduTap says:

      Hi there,
      The videos are pre recorded sessions so you can access them at your own personal convenience.
      Each year, the material is thoroughly revised and updated. We do not provide downloadable material.


  12. Praveenraj says:

    I have purchased an online english course for NABARD grade A phase2 which is going to be held on 29aug 2017 amount got deducted but no videos were uploaded yet, pls make it an issue and resolve it at the earliest possibility since the exam is near….


  13. amit says:

    hello sir,
    I have subscribed to your rbi course , I was using your app in my old mobile set as i have changed my set kindly make necessary arrangement so that I can login from my new mobile set as it is showing multiple device login error.


  14. HARIKUMAR B says:


    I would like to purchase RBI 2018 course. Before that i need a clarrification that still RBI grade B notification is 4moths away so how could i get information like forthcoming Economic survey and budgets figures.


  15. Jujhar Singh says:

    Before purchasing RBI Grade B material for 2018, I would like to know when can we expect RBI Grade B 2018 notification, as I am having age constraint.


  16. Lavleen Kaur says:

    Thank you for providing such a great platform . I want to join the course for RBI Grade B 2018. Will I be able to complete whole course till the exam if I start my preparations from today?


  17. Kuldeep shekhawat says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am facing an issue called “chrome native client plugin ” whenever i m trying to open concept notes. Please revert back to me as soon as possible to resolve this issue.


  18. john mallick says:

    In Edutap mobile app,the FM section is not opening..why s ds problem .is it a big.other section are opening properly though.


  19. vibhakar singh says:

    can i upgrade my rbi grade b non video course to video by paying extra ? i don’t want to buy the full course again.


  20. swapna says:

    arae i am the beginner i don’t get an idea,how to use your website.arae my kabsae trykarrahihon
    laekin mujae tests our video,pdf format kuch bhi ny milrahahae yar bathadoo plzz


  21. Rekha Shakya says:

    Kindly tell me how to calculate IRR with unequal cash flows. There is in concept notes only answer is given, no method has been explained to find value of IRR.


  22. Janaki says:

    I paid for the Nabard course one week back. The concept vedios are not opening .I tried several times .Please do look into the issue and resolve it at your earliest convenience


  23. Cp says:

    Why RBI Grade’B’ Notification is getting so late ?
    Does RBI not recruiting this year ??
    Or this year going to be some big changes ???
    like Recruitment for Grade ‘A’
    or some alterations into the eligibilities


  24. Sandeep kumar chintha says:

    Sir, i purchased nabard phase 1 and phanse 2 of nabard course, iam unable to complete the classes before exam due to shortage of time. I want to prepare for RBI GRADE B , is there any discounts for RBI GRADE B PHASE 2 bundle. Its very hard to pay 6500 to buy a bundle this time. Please consider it as a request and help me to get RBI PAHSE 2 bundle.


  25. srinivas says:

    sir i had lost my mobile ,i took the new one,from that i installed EDUTAP app but it is not login from new devise.on screen it shows that multiple devises kindly please tell me what to do ?


  26. Ramesh Krishna says:

    Sir, I inadvertently purchased RBI grade B 2019 phase 2 video course instead of RBI grade B 2018 phase 2 video course. Kindly change the same at the earliest.


  27. Sonaxi Goyal says:

    Sir, I’ve enrolled for FM 2018 full course and paid for the same yesterday but the edutap app doesn’t let me access the paid version of the course. Please fix it urgently.


  28. saloni says:

    I prchased a comprehensive course of Rs 9000/-. most of the contents are taking a long time to load. For even pdf file like concept notes, buffering is taking place every now and then.
    Kindly fix it immediately


  29. Krithiga says:

    I couldn’t able to login using edutap app. It shows multiple login error contact admin. I reset my phone but now I couldn’t able to sign in pls help


  30. Siddartha chintala says:

    I have taken the course in november 2017 i have beentold that i’ll have the access to the for one year from the date of purchase but now i’m not getting access to the course content please help in this.


    • Neeraj says:

      I too facing the same issue I bought the course on 18th Jan 2018 and now it is showing to buy the bundle again…team edutap please look into the matter ASAP as many people are facing this issue


  31. satya says:

    hello sir still there is a time for rbi grade b phase 2, how can it be expire course until it is not completed? so please check and activate my’s asking again to buy


  32. Suraj Dhoke says:

    Hello Sir/Ma’am
    This is Suraj Dhoke. I bought Edutap Combo course today and i faced problem from the session expired during my payment. Money got deducted but the session was expired. Is the course available or not????


  33. Divya K says:

    Hi..!! I have joined RBI GRADE B phase-2 video course only 2 days back. From where should I start preparing? and how should I progress? How much time should i spend daily Please tell me a schedule that I must follow daily in order to cover the entire syllabus. Please guide me in detail.


  34. Aishanee says:

    I have purchased the RBI grade b phase 1 and 2 video course today. When will it be activated? It is not showing under my courses.


  35. Rani Ritambhara says:

    Hey, i am facing issue while login to my device. It says – Multiple device access disabled. Contact admin. Please guide


  36. Simran says:

    I purchase the test and got the email regarding the payment confirmation from Razorpay. The course is not added in my course . Please resolve the ASAP as I hv to study through BHIM


  37. Lakshmi prasanna says:

    I have purchased for ibps afo 2019-2020 phase 2 but i could not find it in my courses its asking to buy course again please refund my money or add my course



    I have purchased the RBI grade b course 2019. As the exam has not yet been conducted will the course duration be extended?
    Thanks in advance.


  39. P VAMSI KRISHNA says:

    Dear sir,

    I am a paid subscriber of RBI Grade B 2019 full video course. Till yesterday I was normally accessing the course material. Now when i logged into the site, it is prompting me to buy the course and not allowing me to access it. I am a working professional and I cant afford such technical issues in such a crucial time. Please resolve the issue asap.

    P. Vamsi Krishna


  40. Rajat Pundir says:

    Bevkuf to na bnaya kro jb bhi koi greviences ho ap phone bnd kr k rkh dete to negative publicity kaise krte ab btata hn tum logon ko


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